About Us


C.G.1.E stands for Custom Gaming 1st Evol and is the next generation of IT Computer Services. We started as a regular gaming group but slowly started helping people in the public with computer problems and services so in the end, we decided to unvail all our talents to the public. We have over 15 years of experience behind us arranging from customer service to IT repair.

Team CG1E


Team CG1E is the actually members of the CG1E Gaming group. They range from all walks of life from IT to carpentry but we all have one thing in common. We have ALL dedicated our lifes to starting a business that services the public. We believe small business and individuals are the best suited for our services however any business can partner or sponsor us to further advance how we service our customers, clients and streamers.


Our services are catered to small business and individuals which is why our prices are low. In these economic times, people are looking to have fast results for smaller prices. Hiring an IT professional is expensive and companies are looking for ways to cut cost technology costs while maintaining a cost effective secure internal system. We help by developing, advertising and promoting company collaboration to get you the best results.

IT and Gamers United


This is a program to help gamers get introduced to IT services in which they may want a carreer in. We will be seeking out programs for childern and adults that helps them break fully into the gaming and IT industry in their desired field. This will be slowly incorporated into the website as we find willing programs that want to sponsor and advertise to gamers and people directly. We also teach software and networking online to help.

Repairs and Customization


We do physical repairs on Apple Ipads and computers and laptops for gaming and business. We create specialized computers for gamers, music artists and graphic designers who want more out of there computer for less. We guarentee our work with a lifetime warrenty on service and help anyone with even the smallest of hardware/software issue. We also do Windows Installations, home networking and online computer support.